Gangi, ‘Outside Ones’ — Video of the Day

Originally posted at Spinner on January 13, 2012:

Artist: Gangi
Video: ‘Outside Ones’
Highlight: “The video was inspired in the way that the Critical Art Ensemble describes. ‘The rules of cultural and political resistance have dramatically changed. The revolution in technology brought about by the rapid development of the computer and video has created a new geography of power relations in the first world that could only be imagined as little as 20 years ago: People are reduced to data, surveillance occurs on a global scale, minds are melded to screenal reality and an authoritarian power emerges that thrives on absence,” Matt Gangi tells Spinner.

The new geography is a virtual geography, and the core of political and cultural resistance must assert itself in this electronic space.’ Viewed with this lens, the video is staring Samantha Jacober as the hacker, Peter Christian as the Pentagon faced man, directed by Montana Casey, produced by Patrick Sayre and Rhianon Jones, and shot by Vince Pham — all of whom are more than awesome to work with.”