Ad Hoc GANGI: “It Really Shines”

Originally posted at Ad Hoc on April 25, 2013:

 Ad Hoc GANGI: It Really Shines

A few weeks we spoke at length about Athens, GA based freak-pop alchemistsBubbly Mommy Gun, and how their tunes inspire earworms that last for miles. 3000 of them, in fact, as the band is kicking off its West Coast tour this week, playing with BMG side project The Dream Scene, Thick Paint, and 60s psych headsĀ GANGI. GANGI dropped this new clip for sprawling lead single “It Really Shines” earlier today, featuring visuals both nautical and mountainous, sprinkled on top by bouncing, geometric shapes. Like the tune proper, the clip looks like it accompanies a Zombies outtake, before piling more drums and blissfully stoned choirs and keyboards overtop the pop.