Album Reviews: Spindrift, GANGI

Originally posted at LA Times. Reposted at on November 11, 2008:

gangi-cover" href="" rel="lightbox[pics1173]">gangi cover.thumbnail Album Reviews: Spindrift, GANGI Gangi, “Gangi (Office of Analogue and Digital) — There are a lot of tools to rattle in this L.A. duo’s garage, and at times they are used to excess on this sprawling psych-folk document. But at its strongest, this subtly electronic record reminds you sonically and thematically of Mercury Rev, except with the engine in need of a tune-up. When Matt Gangi and cohort Lyle Nesse keep it relatively simple (“Comonplace Feathers,” “Subject Positions”), it fires on all cylinders.

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||| Live: Among Gangi’s upcoming dates is a Dec. 3 gig at the Airliner.