Austin Town Hall — New Chilled Song from GANGI

Originally posted at Austin Town Hall on August 17, 2012:

 Austin Town Hall    New Chilled Song from GANGI

It’s always amazing to me what modern recordings processes can do for a duo; you know, things that couldn’t be done as easily in the 60s.  My newest discovery is LA duo Gangi, who’ve got a little bit of a psych bent on their tunes.  They’ll soon be releasing their second LP, Gesture Is, on October 2nd via Office of Analogue and Digital.  Not only am I stoked upon the groove coming here, but I’m really digging the way the group is looping the vocals–which is what I was referencing earlier.  If you listen carefully you can hear the faint squawk of a horn near the end of the song…another special moment. Enjoy this one.

Photo credit to Benjamin Gallardo.