Beautiful Buzzz — NEW MUSIC: GANGI – RAILWAYS NO. 1-27

Originally posted at Beautiful Buzzz on August 18, 2012:

I have been seeing Gangi shows for a number of years now….and they are always always great!  This Los Angeles based band has made a name for themselves amongst the oodles and oodles of groups that grace the stages of small music venues spread through out this city – standing out is the trick​!  I went to every night of their Monday night Spaceland Residency back in 2009, and they have played with so many great bands – like Foster The People and Local Natives – so yes… is time for some new tunes from Gangi!

The new record – Gesture Is – is set to be released October 2 via Office of Analogue and Digital​.  This new singel “Railways No. 1-27″ is a beautiful example of the great electro-psych sound that Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta create.  There most certainly is joy in repetition – this song takes you on a swirly dreamy journey with repeating vocals and builds with live drums – I find myself getting lost in the rhythmic build and I want to throw glitter on everyone….or something of that nature!  It’s really great, and I am excited to hear more!

 Beautiful Buzzz    NEW MUSIC: GANGI   RAILWAYS NO. 1 27