Buzzbands — Stream: Gangi, ‘Railways no. 1-27′

Originally posted at Buzzbands on August 13, 2012:

gangi bengallardo e1344884992723 Buzzbands    Stream: Gangi, ‘Railways no. 1 27′

Gangi’s “Railways no. 1-27″ is one of those sound collages that threatens go off the tracks and at any minute but never quite does. The spacey, sample-added excursion is the lead track on the L.A. duo’s sophomore album “Gesture Is,” which will finally be released on Oct. 2. We say “finally” because it’s taken Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta a minute to wrap up plans for the release, which appeared imminent back in January when Montana Casey’s great video for “Outside Ones” made its debut. Whatever the timing, “Gesture Is” reveals Gangi’s flair for the experimental and cinematic. If there are ghosts in these machines, they sure can make beats and carry a tune.

||| Tonight: The video for “Outside Ones” is among the fare (along with the work of “Narc” director Joe Carnahan and more) at the HollyShorts Film Festival tonight at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

||| Stream: “Railways no. 1-27″

Photo by Ben Gallardo