Ad Hoc GANGI: “It Really Shines”

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 Ad Hoc GANGI: It Really Shines

A few weeks we spoke at length about Athens, GA based freak-pop alchemistsBubbly Mommy Gun, and how their tunes inspire earworms that last for miles. 3000 of them, in fact, as the band is kicking off its West Coast tour this week, playing with BMG side project The Dream Scene, Thick Paint, and 60s psych heads GANGI. GANGI dropped this new clip for sprawling lead single “It Really Shines” earlier today, featuring visuals both nautical and mountainous, sprinkled on top by bouncing, geometric shapes. Like the tune proper, the clip looks like it accompanies a Zombies outtake, before piling more drums and blissfully stoned choirs and keyboards overtop the pop.




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0313gangi lg GANGI: GESTURE IS
Jared Pittack

Gesture Is
Office of Analogue and Digital

Sometimes getting there is half the fun, and this CD is a road trip the likes of which we’ve rarely seen since the Pink Floyd or Zappa albums of old. I don’t mean that things here are classically psychedelic (though Gangi do evoke Dark Side-era Floyd, particularly in the gospel-sounding backups on “Outside Ones,” they just as often evoke present-day indie rock sounds of bands like MGMT and Animal Collective); the grooves on these things do have bite. But this is more margin than meat, and all the better for it—before and after each song reaches its hook, we’re in for some crackle, or musique concrete radio snippets, planned with just as much care as the hooks. And just when we’re finally dancing, the beat ends, leaving us hanging as a guitar gently strums or a wispy synth tendril leaps gently into what suddenly becomes the next song. This lightness, both musically and in the almost muppety tone of Matt Gangi’s dreamlike voice, craftily obscures how dark these tunes’ lyrics are, which recreate robberies and hit home Sartre-inspired factual certitudes. John Lennon once said that “life is what happens when you’re making other plans,” and this album is a strong reminder that even when you’re not “there,” you’re there. Or, as their gospel chorus says in one of the album’s meatiest moments, “Everything that you’ve done is your life.” It’s a wake-up call, but it’s also a big sprinkling of hope.

—D. M. Collins

Gangi in Philly

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It’s a bad habit to gravitate towards bands and genres you’re familiar with. I encourage people to lean towards ones who maybe don’t much or any radio play at the moment. The world is full of great musicians, talented ones who aren’t noticed immediately just because they don’t fit the normal fold of what the music world currently wants. This isn’t always a bad thing, though. When you’re an artist trying to get people to look for something different with music, Gangi is quickly rising to the challenge.

The LA duo of Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta just released their sophomore album, Gesture Is, on Matt’s own label, Office of Analog and Digital. “We have been working on it for a few years off and off,” says Matt. “But we’ve recorded hundreds of songs in that time. Gesture Is is the first collection of these. Some of the songs that might be on future records are very different from these.”

Chramosta replies, “The writing and recording of most of the album’s material seemed to flow out pretty quickly and fluidly. Most of the time spent on these songs was devoted to minor tweaks and remixing and those sort of things.”

As for those who influenced the guys of Gangi to create such different and noticeable music the way that they do, Matt says “We are into at least one band in every decade in every genre. The internet, record shops, and the information bomb.” Chramosta says that “ultimately, some of the differences in our musical tastes and opinions seemed to mutually influence each other- like a positive tug of war of sorts, which I think can be heard in certain places throughout the album.”

The band also recently released the gorgeous video for their song, “Railways Nos. 1-27,” also on their new album. But, last year’s video for the song “Outside Ones” really stood out and I needed to know the ideas behind both the song and the video. “It’s about everything you’ve done is your life is a self proving maximum,” says Matt. Both of the guys gave their takes on the video itself. Matt says “Montana Casey directed the video and did a brilliant job. Montana and I were talking about global surveillance, the work of the bureau of inverse technology and the continued imprisonment of private Bradley Manning- who most Americans haven’t even heard of.” Chramosta says “Montana took the concept and developed it into a more narrative form that the video ended up being.”

OK, enough about the songs. Let’s talk tour! “On this tour we have had a really good time making friends with folks who have heard of our music before,” says Matt. “These friends usually let us sleep on their floor and we get brought into a world of new people who are often pretty interesting.” Chramosta responds, “To be able to travel around and experience all these places and make new friendships is amazing.”

Of course, with every positive comes a negative. “Despite all the great aspects of touring, it certainly comes with its share of difficulties,” says Chramosta. “We once had our trailer jack knifed into a ditch during a freak snow storm in mid October. Not the most positive of experiences but pretty funny in hindsight.”

The band’s favorite city to tour in is Denver because David Mead is there and to the members of Gangi, he is an amazing musician and person. Matt’s other favorite is Albuquerque. “There is an energy in the desert and we have a lot of friends there. Chramosta is also a “sucker for Burlington. Beautiful in the fall.”

Gangi played a show last Wednesday in Philadelphia, however it wasn’t their first show in here. The band performed in Athens, GA last night and is now headed to Austin, TX for a show on the 30th. After that, who knows what these guys will be up to, but hopefully they’ll be back in our town soon.

GANGI, “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” + Rainbow Arabia remix

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LA’s Office of Analogue and Digital premiere a video journey & remix of mystic proportions.

 GANGI, Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events + Rainbow Arabia remixThe continuing vision quest journeys of GANGI’s Matt & Eric.

GANGI is proud to present their video for “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” directed by Dan Plaza along with a remix from Rainbow Arabia. Following up recent videos for “Gold” and “Railways Nos 1-27“, Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta escape the LA city sprawl of obfuscations from reality to traverse the deserts, foothills and golden waves of grain. Leaving the atmospheres of unforgettable smoggy grey skies, a tribal bongo beat guides the two “through the sky’s strange patterns you can’t forget”.

The direction from Mr. Plaza transposes images of Matt and Eric’s travels with the passing of dry brush, hillsides that are soon contrasted against the Los Angelian city of eternal freeways, industries and eternal night. With the chorus chants of “you all know”, imposed shapes of squares, triangles, circles and other assembled patterns; they return to the world of construction site developments, concrete castles, exchanging their earlier views of a crescent moon now hindered by the metropolitan light pollutions and glow of LA street lamps.

Then we have the premiere of Rainbow Arabia‘s remix treatment of “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” that provides a new set of keyboards that coast on a seamless glide into the smooth saxophone sound that has been making a big return to the music world as of late.

The tribal percussion of the original gets reconfigured and traded for drum machine sequencing while Matt’s vocals are treated with a slight echo chamber reverberation. The original sputtering sound effects make cameos in the Rainbow mix while the new keyboard additions create new digitized possibilities. Where the original explores the duality of unfettered nature and city development; Rainbow Arabia turns the song’s transcendent qualities into a transformative experience where we re-imagine Dan Plaza’s nature versus nurture visuals as an auditory tabula rasa development of land into the empirical asphalt world. The droning sustains are traded for rhythmic structures of synthesized diamond encrusted keys build the threatening events from the natural land in metronomic time; sight unhindered.

The new GANGI album gesture is has arrived and is available now from the Office of Analogue and Digital.

GANGI – gesture is Review

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Gangi gesture is cover e1344895836757 GANGI – gesture is Review

The ‘gesture is’ a thumbs up for GANGI’s sophomore effort.

Office of Analogue and Digital, 2012

GANGI’s sophomore album, gesture is, is creative enough to thwart simple categorization. The one time solo project of Matt Gangi (now duo with Eric Chramosta) flies through a variety of musical spectrums, seemingly collecting bits and pieces along the way. A short summation would be to describe GANGI as psychedelic with elements of electronic rock. GANGI round it out with touches on pop music, a dab of hip hop inspired beats, and even a moment of gospel choir.

If grab bag variety isn’t what you’re seeking — think the multi-faceted work of Spiritualized — the gesture is STOP (open palm facing forward), and go listen to something else. GANGI have thrown together an inventive, gapless mix with a cavalcade of psych rock, effects, and random voices that totally aroused my boner usually reserved for Dark Sid of the Moon“Got what I need / Need to believe”, sings Matt Gangi on “Perfect Citizen” in what could be a throwaway line, but here, it captures the attitude of the gesture is; buy into its spirit, and you will be rewarded.

“Outside Ones”, my new addition to a late night mix, has a mysterious bass heavy vibe, just a slight baring of fangs while remaining soulful with falsetto backing vocals. While gesture is is constructed with diverse sounds most casual listeners are not accustomed to, they’re not above a simple pop song, the stunning “Gold” that serves as a commentary on economic crisis and revolution with a population rising up to the wealthy. “Hey, put your hands up / Give me your gold”, sings Gangi while stuttering the ‘gold’ in a likeable and catchy delivery. It’s refreshing to hear that even among its whirling musical atmosphere, Matt Gangi never forces his melodies into the backgrounds. The gesture is a thumbs up from me.

Purchase: GANGI – gesture is GANGI – gesture is Review

GANGI – “Gold”

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GANGI have released the new Dustin Muenchow-directed video for their gesture is single, “Gold”. Now put your hands up and give the band an, oh, oh, oh. Watch the video and download Pharoahs’ post-punk leaning remix of the song after the jump.


GANGI – “Gold” (Pharoahs’ Remix)



10/13 Cleveland, OH – Mahall’s 20 Lanes
10/16 Pittsburgh, PA – Garfield Artworks
10/17 Philadelphia, PA – Silk City
10/18 Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands (Force Field PR CMJ Showcase)
10/25 Athens, GA – Farm 255
10/30 Austin, TX – Baby Blue
10/31 Austin, TX – Wardenclyffe Gallery

gesture is
(Office of Analogue and Digital)
Street Date: October 2, 2012

Track List:

1. Railways nos. 1-27
2. Outside Ones
3. Keep a Pad & Pencil by the Phone
4. Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events
5. Gold
6. They Care About You
8. It Really Shines
9. Perfect Citizen
10. Battle Hymn of the Culture and Consciousness Industries

Video/Track Premiere: GANGI – “Gold”/”Gold” (Pharaohs Ground Zero Mix)

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Psych duo GANGI have just released their latest album gesture is on lead singer Matt Gangi’s own label, Office of Analogue and Digital.  We’ve already heard their newest single “Gold,” but now the band has released the official video to the song.  The video shows the band playing across various locations–a beach, an abandoned factory, a freeway, a gold fabric lined room–while two seemingly random people dance behind the band in some scenes.  The expansive aspects of the song, the soaring vocals and crashing drums, fit the open-air feel of the locations.  The duo feel at home addressing the viewer directly in the video, at times feeling as though they’re challenging you to a staring contest.  As the song reached its peak, I’m pretty sure that I blinked.

Also check out our premiere of Pharaohs’ remix of “Gold.”  The Los Angeles-based psych band takes the indie rock attitude of the original and filters it through a post-rock rave party atmosphere until the song barely resembles its former self, which is generally what a great remix should do.  The churning guitars and soaring vocals have been transformed into electronic bleeps and squeals, though not in any creatively reductive way.  Pharaohs turn the song into a pinged-beat electronic convert that delights in the creative deconstruction/reconstruction that smears singer Matt Gangi’s vocals across a clattering percussive beat.  It’s got a beat, but can you dance to it?  Check out the remix below.

MP3: GANGI – “Gold” (Pharaohs Ground Zero Mix)


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Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta grew up together in La Crescenta, California, which may account for some of the free-flowing energy of their musical collaboration. Often dubbed “electronic psych,” their music definitely has a mind-altering quality to it in terms of the layers of sound and the insistent underlying beat. There is also something tribal and hypnotic to the rhythms, and there’s an organic flavor to Gangi’s songs that recalls the music that came out of Laurel Canyon in the late ’60s. The band’s latest album,Gesture Is, builds upon haunted melodies coupled with the vibrant atmospheres of its earlier releases. These guys may not be influenced by Love’s Forever Changes, but the spirit of Arthur Lee seems to inform their soundscape.


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Oh happy day!  Los Angeles based band Gangi have released their new album today called Gesture Is – which you can order HERE!  A while back I wrote about the first single “Railways Nos. 1-27″ and I described the song as wanting me to “throw glitter on everyone”……and it still does!  They have also released a new video to go along with that single which I have included here for your viewing pleasure.

You should also check out their second single called “Gold” – and again, I am getting that glittery feeling.  Gangi’s music is fucking fantastic and if you can’t see that for yourself, then you are stupid.    ​

There is a CD release show tonight in LA, and I still lived in LA I would be there with bells on.  It’s at The Satellite and it’s free – can’t go wrong there!  Gangi have more dates planned, too bad they will not be making it to the bay area this time around.  Matt Gangi & Eric Chramosta​ – fucking brilliant!  Well done!