Download FMLY Fest Mixtape

Originally posted at BuzzBands.LA on December 11, 2011


gangi ermf3 e1323649446925 Download FMLY Fest Mixtape

The DIY crew at FMLY — although the socially conscious group prefers to think of itself as DIT (“do-it-together”) — has big plans to close out 2011. The organization that has become known for, among other things, its group bike rides that feature pop-up concerts, is closing out the year with the two-day FMLY FEST, a music and arts event boasting more than 40 bands, interactive art installations, chill-out tents a ’zine festival and more. The festival goes off Dec. 29 and 30, the first day downtown near L.A. State Historic Park and second day in Inglewood. Two-day passes are $15. And just as cool, FMLY is offering up a free mixtape of 30-plus tracks from bands playing the festival. The mix covers a lot of sonic ground — pop, experimental, dance, noise, ambient — and our favorites include songs from Gangi (pictured), the Lovely Bad Things, Professor Calculus, TRMRS, Kynan, So Many Wizards and Steffaloo. Bet you’ll discover some new flavors.

||| Stream: Gangi, “Outside Ones” (photo of Gangi from the Eagle Rock Music Festival)

||| Download: “FMLY FEST Mixtape” via Bandcamp (e-mail required)

||| Live: FMLY FEST 2011 goes off Dec. 29 and 30. Details here.