GANGI at The Echo

Originally posted at Examiner on March 7, 2012:

a64b583f39d204f60f8d267478198e58 GANGI at The Echo

Last Monday was a night of electro-soul at The Echo. The experimental indie wizards of Gangi, Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta, warmed up the audience with a collage of live music and recorded samples that they melded into their own collective sound. Gangi’s voice glides through a field of guitar, drums and synthesizers like a dreamy breeze. Utilizing everything at his fingertips (including their fingertips), Gangi also clapped, stomped and at one point crawled into the crowd, confusing and invigorating audience members.

A group of listeners up front were already energized, as they performed interpretive dance moves as imaginary basketball players, kung fu fighters and…robots. Blending influences like 90s experimental band Disco Inferno with contemporary twists, Gangi adds a rock n’ roll edge to hypnotic, danceable samples and beats. Though only a duo, Chramosta and Gangi mix music like skilled alchemists, creating a sonic chemistry that multiplies their presence. Following his 2008 debut album, A, Gangi plans to release a new album with Chramosta, Gesture Is, this spring.