Originally posted at The Rebellious Jukebox on December 17, 2008:

I hope you get a chance to check these guys out as I think they are really awesome, I found them via the myspace page earlier this year, first time I heard the peaceful sound of Common Place Feathers I was hooked.

I love the sound its a description yet for you to decide on. Some other ace tunes are Subject Positions, Ground, Animals and Region Two which are on an album that was released called ‘A’. I Spent the whole summer (when it was nice weather!!) listening to this Album in cars, gardens and on my phone. Its awesome go check them out!! get on it!!

If you check on there friends list there are plenty of Artists similar to this sound one in particular my favorites Rainbow Arabia and The Electric Tickle Machine.

Gangi also participated to an album titled Perfect as Cats which is a tribute to The Cure earlier this year, they did ‘Fire in Cairo’ which I was extremely Impressed with, there are plenty of tunes by artists you may of heard of like theThe Dandy Warhols and Bat for Lashes. There is some many different experimental sounds. Electronic Noise Folk I would say.

As this site is about your say lets us know your thoughts and views if you get a chance to listen to any of these let us know what you think.