Gangi – “A” (album review)

Originally posted at Your Psychedelic Tunes’ Blog on November 11, 2008:

If you haven’t heard them yet, you’re just not listening. The album “A” from Gangi is an amazing compilation of folk succumbing to its wonderfully psychedelic side.

Matt Gangi and his vision come through loud and clear with this album. From the truly fresh and individual vocal stylings of Gangi himself to the recycled card stock CD wallet, and the inclusion of instruments ranging from the standard of guitars, bass, and drums to the not so standard mandolins, flutes, tea kettles, and the always welcome mellotron, this record has it all covered.

It’s mellow listening, but by no means boring; it’s exciting and new and yet in no way unbearable. Anyone walking those fine lines of music listening between indie, folk, and psych will no doubt get lost happily inside these sounds, but I’ll go so far as to say that this record seems to shatter those boundaries of labels, a less common phenomenon amongst a lot of “DIY” bands today.
Turn it on, it’ll turn you on.

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Favourite tracks include: “Waiting on the Line,” because it’s got the faintest hint of a garage track blended so well with Gangi‘s style, “Ground,” for its ability to make me sway back and forth regardless of how I was feeling before the light sounds hit me, and “Animals,” which is just one of those instant classics you can’t explain, but don’t need to; everyone gets it.