GANGI – Animals

Originally posted at RCRD LBL on November 12, 2008:

gangi GANGI   Animals

So recently, most tributes to animals has us thinking of that SNL clip of ‘Mark Walberg’ talking to a donkey. But while this song by the LA-based psychedelic folk rock group Gangi is dedicated to animals, it’s probably more in the ‘I saw a three-headed caterpillar while tripping in the woods’ sort of sense. We are just guessing because the whole album “A” has an isolated, airy vibe (after all it was recorded in Matt Gangi’s Brooklyn apartment), while tribalistic drumming and shimmery electronic experimentations provide a psychedelic trippy feel. Speaking of trippy, you’ve got to appreciate the band’s visual sensibilities as well, with a collage of color on the CD case and a habit of performingnext to bright colored mobile sculptural installations.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Ruby Suns, The Octopus Project

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