GANGI – gesture is Review

Originally posted at Earbuddy on October 18, 2012:

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The ‘gesture is’ a thumbs up for GANGI’s sophomore effort.

Office of Analogue and Digital, 2012

GANGI’s sophomore album, gesture is, is creative enough to thwart simple categorization. The one time solo project of Matt Gangi (now duo with Eric Chramosta) flies through a variety of musical spectrums, seemingly collecting bits and pieces along the way. A short summation would be to describe GANGI as psychedelic with elements of electronic rock. GANGI round it out with touches on pop music, a dab of hip hop inspired beats, and even a moment of gospel choir.

If grab bag variety isn’t what you’re seeking — think the multi-faceted work of Spiritualized — the gesture is STOP (open palm facing forward), and go listen to something else. GANGI have thrown together an inventive, gapless mix with a cavalcade of psych rock, effects, and random voices that totally aroused my boner usually reserved for Dark Sid of the Moon“Got what I need / Need to believe”, sings Matt Gangi on “Perfect Citizen” in what could be a throwaway line, but here, it captures the attitude of the gesture is; buy into its spirit, and you will be rewarded.

“Outside Ones”, my new addition to a late night mix, has a mysterious bass heavy vibe, just a slight baring of fangs while remaining soulful with falsetto backing vocals. While gesture is is constructed with diverse sounds most casual listeners are not accustomed to, they’re not above a simple pop song, the stunning “Gold” that serves as a commentary on economic crisis and revolution with a population rising up to the wealthy. “Hey, put your hands up / Give me your gold”, sings Gangi while stuttering the ‘gold’ in a likeable and catchy delivery. It’s refreshing to hear that even among its whirling musical atmosphere, Matt Gangi never forces his melodies into the backgrounds. The gesture is a thumbs up from me.

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