Prefix Mag Premiere — Gangi: “Railways Nos. 1-27″ (Video)

Originally posted at on Oct 2, 2012:

band photo jpeg 630x727 q85 Prefix Mag Premiere    Gangi: Railways Nos. 1 27 (Video)

Matt Gangi is prolific. After self-releasing his first album, A, in a toxic, rent stabilized bedroom in Brooklyn under his own label, Office of Analogue and Digital (OOAAD), the DIY musician packed up his bags and set up shop across the country in Glendale, California.

After relocating, he began touring and recording hundreds of songs with old friend, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Eric Chramosta. Together, they are Gangi, and today we are happy to premiere the music video for their first single, “Railways Nos. 1-27,” off their sophomore album, Gesture Is, which drops today on OOAAD (buy it here!).

Directed by Joel Levin, the clip is pretty straight forward, documenting the seemingly mundane journey of a train ride. But like the track itself, the visual accompaniment is made beautiful with layers and textures, creating a romanticized perception of riding the railways.

Intrigued with building and modding analogue equipment, Gangi’s tracks revolve around an atmospheric, transfixing electronic component with psych-pop melodies and shoegaze-influenced instrumentation stemming from this core. The result is remarkably lush soundscapes that transcend any one genre.

Watch the music video for “Railways Nos. 1-27,” below and if you live in the Los Angeles area, check out Gangi’s record release show tonight (October 2) at The Satellite. More tour dates can be found here.