Premiere: GANGI – “Outside Ones”

Originally posted at Octopus Windmill on October 10, 2011:

tumblr lsuq1fqUFs1qaqvlu Premiere: GANGI   Outside Ones
It’s been a few years since Glendale, California’s Gangi (aka DIY master Matt Gangi) released his excellent debut, A, but the band (now a duo with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Eric Chramosta) is preparing their mighty return with a new album, Gesture Is. “Outside Ones”, a grandiose cut from the upcoming record, bubbles with an ominous overture before thick, speaker-deteriorating beats drop in like a judge’s gavel and demand your undivided attention. All rise.

Gangi – “Outside Ones”

Gangi is currently in the midst of an extensive US tour, the dates of which you can check out here. While the release details for Gesture Is are finalized, be sure to snag one of the limited copies of A on vinyl from White Noise and get caught by the catchiness of “Animals” from said album below.