Show Review Medley: Fort King, Gangi, Avi Buffalo, The Wooden Birds and Others

Originally posted at Radio Free Silver Lake on May 29, 2009:

I was introduced to some other local bands this week.  At the final Monday night of the Gangi residency, May 25, at Spaceland, opening band, Local Natives, blew me away with their beautiful indie power pop. Creating two, three and four part harmonies in a style similar to Fleet Foxes, but with a more rock and roll setting. I found their own compositions strong enough to pick up their EP, but their cover of Talking Heads “Warning Sign” was also a stand out.
 Show Review Medley: Fort King, Gangi, Avi Buffalo, The Wooden Birds and Others
Gangi (above photo by Sarah Forbes Keough) decided to cover their greatest hits in their original arrangements (or close… they never do the same thing twice) and it was great. Right up to the conclusion of their newest song, “Gun Show” which, with it’s concussive beat, blew out Spaceland’s sound system and effectively brought the evening to a close.  At least for me.  I never did find out if the last band went on.
Covering “Subject Positions”, “Animals” and “Commonplace Feathers”, Gangi got through about five songs, each one topping the one before, for a near-capacity crowd of fans.  This band has a way of structuring their programs to build to a near-crescendo of noise, in this case, being the rendition of “Gun Show” which blew Spaceland off-Earth for a time.
Matt Gangi and Lyle Ness told me that with the residency over they will focus their attention on finishing up their next album. Based on the fact that their first album, A, was on my 10 Best Albums list last year, I’m looking forward to the new Gangi CD.