Song : GANGI : “Railways nos. 1-27″

Originally posted at MOKB on August 15, 2012:

Gangi gesture is cover e1344895836757 Song : GANGI : “Railways nos. 1 27″

LA’s GANGI have always been a band we really have felt could make some noise in the indie world once they were able to focus their sound and find a more solid identity of what they are. This is not to say we didn’t enjoy the material the duo was churning out, but we just felt that their influences were so expansive that they were still trying to get a better feel for what direction they were going to go. Now, it appears that they are ready to take that next step with their forthcoming sophomore album, gesture is, out October 2nd on their own Office of Analogue and Digital label.

The first song from the new LP was the smooth and driving “Outside Ones” and now we get the sprawling “Railways nos. 1-27″. The track starts off sounding like a Hall & Oates track slow-building, only to explode at the end. The result is a satisfying slice of atmospheric pop. Stream it below.