Sunday Soundtracking: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Trail of Dead, More

Originally printed in and posted at on February 22, 2009:

Who: Gangi
What: “Animals”
Where: A, out April 2008 (Office of Analogue and Digital)
Sounds like: Devendra Banhart, Syd Barrett
Spiel: Guitarist and vocalist Matt Gangi had a thing for ’60s and ’70s garage psychedelia, so he did what any 21st-century artist would do: Create an entire album in his bedroom on his computer. Later he hooked up with sample-happy drummer Lyle Nesse, and started to gain accelerated acclaim from CMJ,Spin and more. Now that 2009 is here, it’s getting harder for him to sneak up on anyone. Check out his forthcoming residency in May at Los Angeles’ Spaceland for a live example of his catchy, freaky tech-folk if you live on the West Coast. The rest of you can stream “Animals” or Gangi’s other strange tracks on MySpace.