Video: Gangi, ‘Outside Ones’

Originally posted at Buzzbands on January 5, 2012:

Since he released his trippy debut album “A” in 2008, Matt Gangi — who does business as Gangi — has been painstakingly working on the next step. Did I say “painstakingly?” I meant .. agonizingly … slow. It’s OK, though. Gangi, who has a new collaborator in Eric Chramosta (replacing Lyle Nesse), has now put the finishing touches on “Gesture Is,” an album of cinematic, experimental electro that has the hooks to feed your pop beast and enough hallucinatory effects to make you wonder if there wasn’t some sort of satellite interference above his Glendale home base. Gangi doesn’t wield his samples as mere decoration; they’re pasted into the fabric of his neurosis-filled narratives. Four songs are streaming on Bandcamp, and Gangi says he’s “hoping to release the full record in the spring.” Of 2012, we assume.

||| Download: “Outside Ones” was featured on the recent FMLY Fest with a bunch of other great stuff.

||| Also: Gangi’s non-album track “Much More Effort” appears on Vol. 3 of the benefit compilation LA JPN LA, which was curated by Dublab DJ Hashim B. and is available here. mixtape