Video/Track Premiere: GANGI – “Gold”/”Gold” (Pharaohs Ground Zero Mix)

Originally posted at Beats per Minute on October 12, 2012:

Psych duo GANGI have just released their latest album gesture is on lead singer Matt Gangi’s own label, Office of Analogue and Digital.  We’ve already heard their newest single “Gold,” but now the band has released the official video to the song.  The video shows the band playing across various locations–a beach, an abandoned factory, a freeway, a gold fabric lined room–while two seemingly random people dance behind the band in some scenes.  The expansive aspects of the song, the soaring vocals and crashing drums, fit the open-air feel of the locations.  The duo feel at home addressing the viewer directly in the video, at times feeling as though they’re challenging you to a staring contest.  As the song reached its peak, I’m pretty sure that I blinked.

Also check out our premiere of Pharaohs’ remix of “Gold.”  The Los Angeles-based psych band takes the indie rock attitude of the original and filters it through a post-rock rave party atmosphere until the song barely resembles its former self, which is generally what a great remix should do.  The churning guitars and soaring vocals have been transformed into electronic bleeps and squeals, though not in any creatively reductive way.  Pharaohs turn the song into a pinged-beat electronic convert that delights in the creative deconstruction/reconstruction that smears singer Matt Gangi’s vocals across a clattering percussive beat.  It’s got a beat, but can you dance to it?  Check out the remix below.

MP3: GANGI – “Gold” (Pharaohs Ground Zero Mix)