Week in Pop

Originally posted at Impose Magazine on January 6, 2012:

Gangi has been making some press waves this week with their dramatic video for “Outside Ones.” The short film style music video is directed by Montana Casey, shot in black and white with a woman being pursued by a malevolent looking mystery man with a pentagon shaped face in what looks like an updated version of Kafka’sThe Trial. Frontman Matt Gangi’s song depicts the current status quo of disdain for the disenchanted, dissenting outsider fringe marginalized by the one percenters that back the song’s refrain of “I gotcha” in a world where peaceful protest is met with nefarious bills like NDAA and SOPA. Matt and crew are finishing up their album Gesture Is that is coming to us soon this spring. In the meanwhile enjoy the video and check out Gangi’s Bandcamp for further listening.