yvynyl — Railways nos. 1-27

Originally posted on yvynyl on August 17, 2012:

I met Matt Gangi many moons ago, when people still used MySpace to communicate about music ideas. He was a DIY pirate making wild noises from beat up old synths, traveling show out of the back of a dusty road worn sedan and playing PBR-soaked basements. His sounds made a big impression on me and stuck with me all these years.

Stoked to see that Matt and his creative partner Eric Chramosta are still in the game – writing quality tunes like this out of their Los Angeles homebase.  Get their new, second gesture is LP October 2nd from their own Office of Analogue and Digital. Get the other single from the release “Outside Ones” on Bndcmp.

gamgi rgb web1 yvynyl    Railways nos. 1 27